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Custom Tesla


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Jackpad suitable for all Tesla models. Using jackpads makes it easier to find and hit the correct position to lift your Tesla. Lifting in the wrong position can damage the frame and/or the battery.

A jackpad is sufficient for lifting with a jack, four are required for use with a lifting platform. We always recommend carrying a set of four in the vehicle in case the vehicle is taken to a workshop or tire shop without Tesla experience.

laser engraving

We offer the customization of the jackpads by means of laser engraving on the underside. When adding to the cart, when selecting this option, we will ask for an image (JPG or PNG) to be lasered onto the bottom.

The underside has a diameter of 75mm, but due to the curve we recommend only labeling a maximum of 70mm.A dimension specification on a scale of 1:1 can be downloaded here.

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