Unsere Verpackung

At Custom Tesla, we pay great attention to minimizing the negative environmental impact of our work. For this reason, we avoid unnecessary packaging and the use of paper and ensure climate-neutral shipping via DHL and GoGreen.

Our foams

Products that we purchase in bulk from our suppliers are delivered without individual packaging. This was also a conscious decision on our part, as otherwise we would not be able to prove the origin of the packaging without any doubt and would produce significantly more packaging waste than necessary.

In such cases and for particularly sensitive products, we occasionally use foam for safe packaging. These have the advantage that very little material has to be used - the foam consists mainly of air.

We chose the company Oskar Pahlke GmbH from Germany as our partner and use an innovative foam (B 2240-ECO). With this foam, up to 26% of the crude oil otherwise required is replaced by sustainably produced castor and rapeseed oil. Further information on the detailed measures during production is availableheredescribed.

Our shipping packaging



For our shipping packaging we use so-calledClimate positivePackaging made from recycled corrugated cardboard with 30% grass paper content. Here, climate-positive means that all CO2 emissions from this packaging are offset via climate protection projects and the same amount again via a forest protection or reforestation project.

This innovative raw material grows back quickly and can be produced with significantly less water and energy, as well as lower CO2 emissions. The grass fibers of the grass paper are used from green areas in the region that are not used for agriculture.

Due to the height-variable structure of this packaging, we also need less filling material and can still guarantee safe transport.

All boxes are printed with the logo of theClimate positiveproject and a link to prove the double CO2 offset.

Our packing tape

Our packing tapes are made from recycled paper and a natural potato starch adhesive that is activated with water. We deliberately avoided thread reinforcement in order to save on unnecessary plastics and composite materials. This so-called wet adhesive tape also offers a much more secure closure than the usual PVC tapes with conventional adhesive.

Our filling material


In order for all goods to arrive safely and undamaged at their destination, additional filling material is required. Here, too, we have thought about how we can solve this problem with as little negative environmental impact as possible.

For this we have from the companycushion packWe have purchased a packaging padding machine that is CO2 neutral and made in Germany and we produce our filling material from packaging ourselves. We collect this packaging ourselves from local companies.

Recycling and reusability

In addition to recycled filling material, we also consciously rely on a neutral design of the shipping packaging. Therefore, we encourage all our customers to simply reuse not only the filling material, but also our shipping packaging.

For the proportion of packaging that cannot be reused, we are at the registration number DE1435810452553Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregisterwith our partnerEKO-PUNKT GmbH & Co. KGregistered. This assumes our obligations under the Packaging Act on our behalf.